• 2000 Can't take me home
    [list=1][*]Split personality
    [*]Hell wit ya
    [*]Most girls
    [*]There you go
    [*]You make me sick
    [*]Let me let you know
    [*]Love is such a crazy thing
    [*]Private show
    [*]Can't take me home
    [*]Stop falling
    [*]Do what u do
    [*]Is it love
    2002 Missundaztood
    [*]Don't let me get me
    [*]Just like a pill
    [*]Get the Party started
    [*]18 Wheeler
    [*]Family Portrait
    [*]Dear Diary
    [*]Lonely Girl
    [*]Gone to California
    [*]My Vietnam
    2003 Try this
    [*]God is ja DJ
    [*]Tonight's the Night
    [*]The last to know
    [*]Catch me while I'm sleeping
    [*]Oh my god
    [*]Save my life
    [*]Waiting for love
    [*]Love Song
    [*]Walk away
    [*]Humble Neighbourhood
    [*]Feel good time
    2006 I'm not dead
    [list=1][*]Stupid Girls
    [*]Who knew
    [*]Long way to happ
    [*]Nobody knows
    [*]Dear Mr. President
    [*]I'm not dead
    [*]'Cuz I can
    [*]Leave me alone (I'm lonely)
    [*]U + Ur hand
    [*]The one that got away
    [*]I got money now
    [*]Conversations with my 13 year old selfs
    [*]I habe seen the rain